The best choice to launch applications

• Do you use many applications?
• Your Dock is fully booked?
• Not easy to find an app when you want to use it?

If you have similar issues, AppStarter will be your favorite tool. It helps you to categorize your applications, and launch them as fast as possible. AppStarter is more than just a simple launcher. It is bundled a lot of useful applications called SmartTools which are also continuously developed and extended for your convenience.


AppStarter is a great tool to categorize all of your favorite applications in one place. Provides quick access to all of your categorized content.

Press the hotkey or click the AppStarter icon on the menu bar, AppStarter will appear instantly and ready to use.
In Preferences, you can manage all of your categories, change the appearance of the main window or even set your own images for categories. Easy to use, easy to understand.

AppStarter SmartTools

SmartTools is a bunch of useful applications provided by AppStarter. Currently four tools are available, but soon there will be lot more. If you want to use them just enable SmartTool option in your AppStarter Preferences.

Available SmartTools:
• Find
• Folder Cleaner
• MD5 Hash Maker
• Privileges


It helps you quickly find a desired text in a folder, even across thousands of document. Use file extension types to refine your search results and view the founded document in the preview.
• Fast
• Easy to use
• Useful

Folder Cleaner

Folder Cleaner is a powerful and easy-to-use application which cleans all .DS_Store files in a folder and all subfolders. It creates a simple list of files where you can select the items you want to remove.
• Fast processing
• Supports Drag & Drop

MD5 Hash Maker

Creates MD5 hash in a few seconds, all you need to do is just press Browse button and select files or folders.
• Batch processing
• Fast MD5-checksum calculation
• Export to file


Privileges is a simple application that shows you permissions related to a file or folder. You can set new permission like Read, Write, Execute.
• Supports Drag & Drop


Please read these short articles to learn how to use AppStarter.

Launch AppStarter with Each Startup and set hotkey
After opening AppStarter, open the Preferences window, and activate “Launch AppStarter at startup” in the Preferences > General tab if you want to launch the AppStarter at every startup. Also you can set your own hotkey to open the AppStarter window.
Import and Export Configuration
Use the Export and Load commands in the Options menu to export or load your AppStarter configurations. The Export current configuration command stores all of your existing categories and app in a file, which you save to a given location. Then you can load the file to AppStarter at any time.
Tip: Use these commands when updating your macOS version to a newer one.
Create Categories and set Application
You can create categories in either Preferences > Applications or in the main window.
• In Preferences, click Add (+) button at the bottom of the Categories list view. In the appearing new category sheet, enter the category name and its custom icon.
• In the main window, right-click an existing category and choose “New Category…” to bring up the new category sheet.
To set up Applications and Documents, go to Preferences and click Add (+) button at the bottom of the Applications list view. Choose the type of item to add to the selected category. If you choose Application or Document, a file browser sheet will appear, where you can select multiple items to add. To add a web page: simply select the web address in your browser address bar, and drag and drop it to the Applications view of the selected Category in the main window.
Renaming an item
Resize the AppStarter window
To resize AppStarter, just open it, and pull down the main window to detach from the menu bar and set the desired window size. After closing the detached window the AppStarter will appear with the new size.
You can also set the main window background color, the frame line color, and the text line color in Preferences > Appearance.
For any selected category, you can change its behavior and the color of its indicator light in the main window, under Preferences > Appearance.
How to use “Assign files” feature
If you are using a favorite application on a project involving many files, you can use AppStarter to open them with just one click. Choose your application and assign all the files you plan to use. When you launch the application, all the assigned files will be opened too.
Set Custom Category Icons
To use your own images as category icons, go to Preferences > Appearance and click “Set…”. A Finder window appears with an AppStarter folder. Copy all of your custom images into that folder. The New Category sheet will now include a Custom menu, where you can select your added images.