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To maintain your satisfaction the updates will delivered as often as necessary. In this page you can learn all of the previous changes and gets informations about the new ones.
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Latest news

According to your feedbacks, AppStarter is one of the most favorite launcher tool. Thank you all of your great comments, mails and issue reports. These are really helps to improve AppStarter. In the future AppStarter will be updated with a lot of useful features.

We noticed that the latest AppStarter (v4.1) sometimes crashes on certain computers which are using the new macOS Mojave. Sorry about that, the new update will arrive soon! RESOLVED!


AppStarter v4.1.1 -
Bug Fixes

Fixes an issue where AppStarter could crash on several computers which are using macOS Mojave

AppStarter v4.1 -
Bug Fixes

This version contains various bug fixes related to the new mac OS version and also there is a new possibility which enables you to switch off the AppStarter shortcut.

AppStarter v4.0 -
Bundled SmartTools

Introducing SmartTools - a bunch of powerful and easy-to-use applications provided by AppStarter ony!
With the new "Move to..." context menu you can easily manage your apps and folders
Various bug fixes.

AppStarter v3.3 -
Rename Items and bug fixing

The new AppStarter allows you to change an application name whatever you want. This action does not change the application name in your Mac, it just changes the application title inside AppStarter.

AppStarter v3.2 -
New way to resize AppStarter

With this new ability the AppStarter window more easier to resize. Just open AppStarter pull down the main window to detach from the menu bar and set the desired window size. After closing the detached window the AppStarter will appear with the new size.

AppStarter v3.1 -
Keyboard Support

With this update, AppStarter is more flexible and faster than it's previous version. From now on you have easier access to AppStarter with hotkey and you can choose and launch your applications with keyboard.

The default hotkey to open AppStarter is alt+A.

Version history

Version Description Released
• Fixes an issue where AppStarter could crash on several computers which are using macOS Mojave
Oct 12, 2018
• Various bug fixes related to the new mac OS version
• Switchable AppStarter shortcut
Oct 04, 2018
AppStarter SmartTools
In this update you will get four new easy-to-use and useful application provided by AppStarter only!

• Find - It helps you quickly find a desired text in a folder, even across thousands of document
• Folder Cleaner - A powerful application which cleans all .DS_Store files in a folder and all subfolders
• MD5 Hash Maker - Creates MD5 hash in a few seconds
• Privileges - A simple application that shows you permissions related to a file or folder. You can set new permission like Read, Write, Execute

• With the new "Move to..." context menu you can easily manage your apps and folders
• Reduced app bundle size
• Various bug fixes and stability improvements
Sep 25, 2017
• Now you can rename any item in the main window with a context menu command: this rename action does not rename the Application or Document, this name is only used by AppStarter
• Warning before deleting a Category
• More visible change button for Category images
• Changed and deleted files in "Simple Colors" icon group (in Add/Edit Category window)
• New Application icon
Sep 25, 2017
• Added a new ability which allows you to resize the AppStarter window more easier.
• Minor bug fixes, and improvements
Apr 17, 2017
• Added keyboard support to access AppStarter (the default is alt+A)
• General bug fixes, and performance improvements
Jan 31, 2017
• You can reorder your items in main window with drag & drop
• With the new main window context menu you can get more information from the selected item
• Add your favorite applications to AppStarter directly in main window with drag & drop
• Open all your items in the selected category (use the context menu or enable the Command click function in the Preferences)
• Web address drag & drop
• Corrects a mistake which prevent you to open an app at first from AppStarter
• General bug fixes, and performance improvements
Oct 7, 2016
• Fixes an error which causes odd behavior in the Preferences window (mac OS Sierra only)
Sep 8, 2016
• Corrects a bug that was causing the app to collapse when tried to change custom colors in Preferences/Appearance view
Aug 19, 2016
• Corrects a mistake that prevented to use custom colors in a proper way.
Aug 11, 2016
• You can use your own images for categories
• Move your apps with drag & drop in preferences window
• Change indicator light color, and behavior
• Minor bug fixes
Jul 6, 2016
• Appearance improvements on the main window
• General bug fixes
Jun 11, 2016
New features:
• AppStarter now supports folders, files/documents and web pages
• Supports drag & drop feature when you add new apps or documents
• The currently selected category is more obvious in main window
• All the editable text fields now supports Edit operations like copy or paste
• In Preferences you can add more than one Apps or documents to categories
• Added some new category images

Bug fixes:
• Enhanced feedbacks when you select or start an application in main window
• Fixed an issue that caused wrong selection if you edited a category in Preferences
• Fixed an issue where Preferences window could freeze when you assigned files to an application
• Fixed an issue where Preferences window could freeze if a linked app was not available in the selected category
• Fixed some localization mistakes
May 17, 2016
• Improved drag & drop
• Minor bug fixes
Apr 23, 2016
• Corrects a bug which causes fully transparent background if you use Reduce Transparency options in System Preferences
• During drag & drop some app can show you whether able to open files or not
• Added some new category images
• Some minor improvements
Apr 19, 2016
• Bug fixes
Apr 2, 2016
• Corrects the mistake when the AppStarter window could freeze while preferences window is open.
Mar 31, 2016
• Corrects some localization mistakes
• Main Window submenu can inherits the dark theme
• Some other minor bug fixes and improvements
Mar 17, 2016
• New version has released
Feb 26, 2016